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P.O. Box 51839, Boston, MA 02205 | infonewengland@umuonitshaado.com

Welcome to Umu Onitsha Ado, the New England Chapter of Onitsha Associations

Igwe Alfred Nnaemeka Achebe
Obi of Onitsha, Agbogidi

Onitsha, directly east of Lagos, Nigeria, is the most densely populated area in Africa after the Nile Valley. Built on the banks of the Niger River, Onitsha was battered and bruised by the Biafran War but has since regained its vitality. Its chief attraction is the new market, one of the most vibrant in Nigeria, which specialises in books.

According to Chinua Achebe, Onitsha has always attracted the 'exceptional, the colourful, the bizarre'.

Upcoming Events

22 – 23 May, 2015: Annual Convention and Gala Night at the DoubleTree, Westborough, Massachusetts. Learn more...

Mission Statement

Umu Onitsha Ado is dedicated to fostering and promoting brotherhood, unity and better understanding amongst all Onitsha people. This will be achieved by elevating the ancient and unique Onitsha culture and relieving the problems of Onitsha residents in need through a series of fundraising efforts.

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